Hi, I'm Amlan Barai!

Professionally, I am a Scientist working in the field of Biological science for the past 8 years and loving every minute of it. When not doing science I enjoy Painting, Photography, and Designing.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the links below.


 Featured galleries

Street photography

 A small collection trying to essence of capturing the human condition

Nights & Lights

Trying to capture the fleeting whispers of light within the city's pulse

Wild Wonders

A showcase of the diversity and beauty of wildlife, from mammals to birds to insects

Street photography projects

Fragments of a city

In this series, I aim to capture the dynamic and diverse scenes of city streets, highlighting the raw energy and spontaneous moments that define street life.

Wheels in Motion 

In this ongoing series, I aim to capture the dynamic world of city cyclists through photos that highlight their freedom and individuality.

Echos of Life

In this series, I aimed to capture the diverse experiences of human life in urban settings, exploring the range of emotions, struggles, and triumphs that define our existence